Where are the Chiropractors?

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As a Chiropractic office it is our mission to educate and inspire people in our community to a much healthier way of life. The benefits for people are learning how to have an abundant life full of vitality, which allows them to enjoy family time, work, hobbies, travel, and every other aspect of their lives.

The past few weekends I have spent time with our team members from Advanced Chiropractic Center at local events in Framingham for Earth Day, and Natick for Health and Fitness Day. We have been at similar events and are constantly donating our time in Framingham, Natick, Wayland, Wellesley, Needham and surrounding towns.

We have been at countless events through the years and I have had many positive experiences and met many wonderful people. It is always enlightening to listen to the stories that people share about their own Chiropractic experiences. Many of them are fantastic testimonials to the success of Chiropractic care for the past century.

There is another side of the story though. The large majority of people that I meet are partially or totally unaware of what a Chiropractor does or why they would even go to one. Even people that have been to Chiropractors and have had amazing recoveries from acute and chronic back pain, neck pain, headaches, sciatica, digestive issues, auto immune problems and other health issues can’t seem to explain what the Chiropractor does or more importantly why they do it.

There’s a few reasons for this but the main reason is that Chiropractors have completely missed the boat on educating their patients. In Framingham at the Earth Day event there was one other Chiropractor. In Natick at the Health and Fitness Day event I was the only Chiropractor that cared enough about the Natick community to be out talking with people. Where are the Chiropractors?

I know there are some great ones out there but no wonder why people have no idea what we do. It’s simple, Chiropractors check the spine for subluxations, which interferes with a healthy nervous system’s functions. They then correct this issue with an adjustment, which allows the body’s functions to work correctly.

Of course waiting until there’s a crisis that brings people into a Chiropractic office is like visiting a dentist only after your mouth is in severe pain. Since Chiropractors are the only health professional trained to do this, it is imperative that Chiropractors get out and teach the public the enormous benefits of care.

Get your self and your entire family checked this week and start experiencing a level of health that you never knew was possible. While you are on our site please read about Chiropractic and start to enjoy the tremendous benefits for you and your family.

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